Kosiarka bijakowa mulczer DP205

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STILER DP205 flail mulcher.

DP models are designed for mulching rugged landscape areas, including heavy grasses, branches, vines and other areas surrounding farms, property, parks and roadsides.

The DP205 model is equipped with the option of HYRAULIC ADJUSTMENT of the mulcher 53 cm. This shift allows the mower to reach an additional 53 cm to the side.

A reinforced model with thicker plates and better bearings resistant to hard working conditions.

Technical data:

  • Mulching width: 205 cm
  • Tractor power: 50 - 80 km
  • PTO revolutions: 540 rpm.
  • Rotation speed of the cutting shaft: 2425 rpm.
  • Productivity: 6500 - 17000 m2 / h
  • Number of flails: 32 pcs
  • Beater weight: 760 g
  • Flail bolts: M16
  • Number of stripes: 3 pcs
  • Hydraulic travel: 53 cm
  • Handle: three- point linkage
  • Weight: 430 kg
  • Dimensions width / length / height: 220/80/93 cm


  • Mulcher
  • Power take-off (PTO)
  • Set of beaters
  • User manual
  • CE certificate


  • Durable flail mower, adapted to hard work.
  • Low weight and power demand is ideal for small and medium-sized tractors.
  • The mulcher is equipped with a powerful gearbox and a solid drive train for trouble-free mowing.
  • Cutting height controlled by adjustable skids.
  • Heavy-duty mulching blades.
  • Safety flaps.
  • The machine casing made of thick sheets ensures long-term reliability of the machine.
  • The mower has adjustable belt tension.
  • The protection of the working shaft limits the flying out elements, making the mulcher also suitable for use in urban areas.
  • It can also cope with neglected terrain where there are more stones, branches and other obstacles,
  • The machine has a double protection against damage to the transmission: the hammers bounce off a stable obstacle, the belts on the pulleys slip in the event of too much resistance.
  • The gearbox is equipped with a one-way clutch.
  • Hydraulic movement of 53 cm.


  • mowing all kinds of wastelands,
  • mowing roadsides,
  • mowing green areas in cities
  • maintenance of pastures, meadows, recreational areas of thickets for cleaning purposes
  • mowing green areas in parks
  • as a cleaning machine in horticulture and nursery

A great advantage of the DP205 model is the possibility of hydraulic displacement of the mulcher by 53 cm.

The movement takes place by means of a hydraulic cylinder connected to the tractor pump.

The rotating shaft is equipped with 32 beaters that easily shred grass and branches.

The machine is equipped with a standard three-point linkage. The set also includes a universal power take-off shaft.

The cutting height is set by means of adjustable skids.


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